Large Distressed Wood Mirrors

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Large Distressed Wood Mirrors

These are our mirror range that are about 44 by 83 cm.  That's the measurement of the outside of the frame, but please look at each frame individually to get the actual dimension as each one is different.

The are solid wood, unique mirrors and each one is individual so we photograph them all and you can chose the one you would like

The timber in the these frames is collected by out-of-luck chaps who rescue window frames and the likefrom houses in Cape Town that are being demolished.  Shirley and her small crew turn them into these wonderfully characteristic mirrors.

Price includes careful packing and free UK delivery.

Remember, we offer the following discounts of any combination of frames, mirrors & pin boards:

  • 10% off for any 2
  • 15% for 3 
  • 20% off for 4 to 7 
  • 25% off 8 or more.