About the Artisans

Planet-Craft is a small business that acts as a bridge between artisans and you.   Over the years we have worked with many artisans.  Sometimes it is no longer possible to continue working with them, so we have lost touch with some like Saied and Marah in Iran and Robert in Dublin.  Usually though, we do manage to keep a long relationship with all our partners.  On this page we aim to provide an idea of the kind of people with whom we we work.

Tim & Liz Cazalet

Tim and Liz are skilled upholsterers who ran Heritage Upholstery for many years.  They made the coffee sack footstools, pouffe inners, and some cushions.  


Hamish Bell

Hamish Bell produced our great pin boards.  To see his talents in full we suggest you visit his website www.hamishbell.co.uk.


The hammocks are from the same region and use this craft as decoration on the sides.   They are made by a womens’ co-operative in Pedro II, in Piauí.   These hammocks really are individual pieces that take a long time to make and decorate. Below are pictures of the women's co-operative in Piauí, Brazil, making hammocks.   Toby used to work in Dublin and met a Brazilian there who was knew this  hammock co-operative in her home town.  We now stock hammocks from the traditional hammock firm from NE Brazil, Denaná.

making hammocks


Shirley's Recycled Wood Frame and Mirrors

Toby & Rosie met Shirley at Camps Bay, whilst on holiday in 2009.  Shirley had a table selling some frames.  Rather than buying a few to take home Toby suggested going to see her workshop, and they bought hundreds!  Here are some pictures of the chaps who make the frames and mirrors in her extended Cape Town home.  The wood is reclaimed from local homes that are being rebuilt.  Sometimes the local homeless chaps bring the woood round to her house.  Every corner of her house is stuffed with wood and frames.  Since the initial shipment we've worked together to produce new models for the UK market, such as the A3 frames.

making frames making frames 2 shirley


Ox-Hide Pouffes

Here are some photos of the folks who make the pouffes, just outside Rio de Janeiro.  Geraldo has a family firm and his employees really take care to produce the best.  Below you can see them cutting the ox-hide, preparing the pieces to be sewn together, embossing the top pieces and painting the top piece.  The machine is for cutting the leather strips that will be used to stitch the pouffe together.  The right hand picture shows the 'tamping' to emboss the top piece.  Planet-craft has been working with Geraldo for over ten years.  

making pouffes    making pouffes 2 making pouffes 3making pouffes 4







Zapotec Wool Rugs

Our Zapotec rugs come from two families Toby met in Oaxaca state in Mexico.  We went to see a few until we were happy that we were buying direct from the family and not from an agent.  Here are pictures of the women preparing the wool in the first photo, preparing dyes in the second and finishing rugs on the third (they're pulling out the little rough bits that got mixed up in the spun wool).

making rugs  making rugs 2






Sadhna Textiles

This women's textile co-operative in Rajasthan is based in Udaipur but is really a network that reaches into the rural communities of the area.  Toby met them whilst travelling in India in 2008.  It's not always easy to find an organisation such as Sadhna, even though town in places like Udaipur teem with craft shops and artisans.  Toby visited the head office and had a fairly hairy journey out around the surrounding villages meeting women who contributed to the workshop you see below.  

Making throws  making throws 2

Oficino de Augosto

This is Marcelo Costa.  This is a photo taken in a village in rural Minas Gerais, in Brazil.  He is part of a project, Oficina de Augosto, that aims to teach kids in rural areas some extra skills that give them a practical option other than life on the fields or as maids.  Toby met Marcelo back in 2003.  Marcelo was changing a tyre and Toby reversed and stopped for having covered him in Brazilian, red road dust.  Toby spent the next two days being introduced to Oficina de Augosto.

Oficina de Agosto Oficina de Agosto 2

Other Brazilian Crafts

We have met so many cool artisan crafts in Brazil, but many aren't appropriate for Planet Craft.  These guys below, on the left, are making wooden animal sculptures.  The crude carving is done by these younger guys then the finishing done by a more skilled sculpture.  Each piece of wood they get is studied for grain and character before deciding which animal is to be made and in which alignment.  This part of Minas Gerais state in Brazil is very rich in artisan craft. To the right is the wife of João Alves - they make fantastic models that depict day to day life of rural Brazilians in times gone by - especially during the time of slavery. 

5 irmaos

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