Large Yellow Fringed Hammock

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Yellow fringed cotton hammock


Durable, comfy and beautiful.  We supply these hammocks made in Brazil's North-East - they are fabulous. They are thick, woven cotton that gives a very natural comfy feel.  They are large or extra-large in size.  Each hammock is photographed so the one you see is the one you buy - they are all unique and the price differences just reflect what it cost to make.  Fringe that gives these hammocks their real 'relaxed' beauty.  What's more - these hammocks are made to last - they are very robust.   I used to have one on the wall in my apartment in Brazil - it adds a really relaxed feel to a place.

The hammocks are traditional varieties made by a women's co-operative in Pedro II, Piauí.  This place is famous in Brazil for such hammocks.  In the words of my friend Maria, who buys them and sends them to me:

"...they are all hand made. each hammock takes at least 10 days to be made. they are made in a very old and tradicional way. they take loads of string and patience . the women raise their family with this endless work.most of them learned how to do it with their mother and grandmother.mainly, its a family business.they do the hammocks at home."    

  These are very fairly-traded hammocks.    To see more about these artisans CLICK HERE.

  We aim to get these items delivered by Parcelforce in about 3 working days of ordering as we have all the items    photographed in stock.


Availability: On Order. The despatch time will be between 3 and 6 weeks but could be sooner as may have some already on the way. Please contact us if you require it any quicker, we may be able to help. See our delivery information page for more details.