Marked Caramel Princess Buffalo Leather Beanbag


We have 2 marked beanbags in stock - they are new and not damaged but have a blotchy mark on the leather (they're a 'second') so they are £100 off.

Our "Buffalo" hide beanbags are made from quality, aniline leather. This is the whole hide thickness (not split for leather & suede and it is less “processed” - aniline). Less processed means it has more individuality from the original buffalo such as stretch marks and unique grain. This leather has a very luxurious feel. It is GORGEOUS and everyone loves these beanbags once they've seen, felt or sat in one.

Caramel Princess beanbag shown below for size.



Availability: On Order. The despatch time will be between 3 and 6 weeks but could be sooner as may have some already on the way. Please contact us if you require it any quicker, we may be able to help. See our delivery information page for more details.