Brazilian Ox-hide Pouffes

We stock a large range of Brazilian pouffes, boasting extreme durability and suitable for occasional sitting. We stock a range of styles and colours we think is second to none.  Each pouffe is made from genuine ox-hide and hand-stitched with leather. Combined with the individual cut and skilled hand-embossing this gives each leather pouffe a rustic and unique feel.  Robin fills the pouffes using quality fillings; the pouffes are light but firm.   See the artisans here (click).

A Planet-craft pouffe is a quality pouffe which means they are hard wearing and easy to clean. 

 That's below Rosie sat on a Round pouffe.  To the left is a Low Round pouffe.   To the right is a Low Square pouffe, then a Square pouffe and then an XL Mesa pouffe.


Rosie comparing puffes