Queen chestnut thick buffalo leather bean bag beanbag


The Queen beanbag.  This adult size beanbag occupies about 140 cm by 100 cm deep (though the base is a little smaller)It will occupy more room than the dimensions suggest because of the way the beanbag bulges out.  This is a serious beanbag.  The only returns we have had are because people don't realise how big these beanbags are!  

We have seven other sizes to choose from.

Our buffalo hide beanbags are made from top quality extra thick, soft and luxurious leather - a leather which is hard to find even in Brazil. Because this leather is not stretched during the tanning process it retains its individual grain and over the years it will develop a patina which is highly prized. The beanbags are fantastic value given the quality of the materials and craftsmanship involved in producing each one.

Made by a quality-conscious family of artisans in Brazil who we have known for a decade or more these beanbags are designed to last for years.

That's Toby sitting in a chocolate Queen to give you some idea of size.

Price includes filling and free delivery to UK addresses


Availability: On Order. The despatch time will be between 3 and 6 weeks but could be sooner as may have some already on the way. Please contact us if you require it any quicker, we may be able to help. See our delivery information page for more details.