As a result of our travels around the world we have identified distinctive suppliers and producers. Our sofa throws are from a quality conscious women’s co-operative in Rajasthan, India.

The Indian cotton throws are made from local cotton or silk and are all decorated by hand. They all feature vibrant colours. These luxury throws also make lovely bedspreads or even picnic blankets. Our beautiful designs add warmth, colour and texture. We believe we have hand picked the highest quality materials and richest colours at the best possible prices. The throws are lovely and very adaptable and can be used as decoration, picnic blankets, or tablecloths and runners. Most are double sized which will fit over a double bed to make a fabulous bedspread.

These throws are fair-trade.

This women’s textile co-operative in Rajasthan is based in Udaipur but is really a network that reaches into the rural communities of the area. Toby met them whilst travelling in India in 2008. It’s not always easy to find an authentic organisation such as Sadhna, even though towns in places like Udaipur teem with craft shops. Toby visited the head office and had a fairly hairy journey out around the surrounding villages meeting women who contributed to the workshop you see below.

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