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The soft and luxurious buffalo leather Baron beanbag is one size up from our smallest beanbag (it has a round base) so if space is tight this is the beanbag for you. It’s great for occasional extra seating for little to medium sized people and will tuck away if not in everyday use, (although I find it hard to believe that will ever be the case!).

Our buffalo hide beanbags are made from top quality, analine leather. This is the whole hide thickness (not split for leather & suede and it is less “processed” – analine). Less processed means it has more individuality from the original buffalo such as stretch marks and unique grain. This leather is not stretched during the tanning process, it retains its individual grain and over the years it will develop a patina which is highly prized.

This leather has a very luxurious feel. It is GORGEOUS and everyone loves these beanbags once they’ve seen, felt or sat in one.

The beanbags are fantastic value given the quality of the materials and craftsmanship involved in producing each one.

Made by a quality-conscious family of artisans in Brazil who we have known for a decade or more, these beanbags are designed to last for years.

In one of the images, Toby is sitting in a Baron to give you an idea of size.

Filling is included and we have seven other sizes to choose from…

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