Egyptian Double Blue Lilac White Bedcover Wall-hanging Fair Trade


This Fair Trade Egyptian cotton throw / bedcover / wall-hanging is made from local cotton and is embroidered by hand. It is a huge piece of stunning craftsmanship. Made up of striking blue, lilac and crisp white cotton; it measures approximately 234cm by 242cm (almost square).

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As a result of our travels around the world we have identified distinctive suppliers and producers.

We believe we have hand picked the highest quality materials and richest colours at the best possible prices. The throws are lovely and very adaptable and can be used as decoration, bedcovers or tablecloths and runners.

Every Egyptian bedspread is entirely cotton, stitched to a light canvas backing that allows it to lie or hang flat easily.

Each one features stunning Egyptian or Islamic designs, such as the lotus flower – representing love in the old Egyptian Kingdoms.

This double bedcover or throw is in striking blue, lilac and crisp white cotton. This huge piece of stunning craftsmanship measures 234cm by 242cm (almost square)

The worker responsible for any Egyptian cotton bed cover receives a special bonus on top of their normal wage for any of their designs that sell on the Planet Craft website.

These throws are Fair-Trade.



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